47 books
  • On Death and Dying

    Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

    This book is the classic work dealing with the psychology of death. The five stages of grief were first outlined here, though they are focused more on those dying then the people grieving after they are gone. Kübler-Ross interviewed terminally ill patients as part of an...more

  • Tête à Tête

    Henri Cartier-Bresson

    Lovely portraits.more

  • City and Landscapes

    Henri Cartier-Bresson

    This book includes one of my favorite photographs ever:

    Cartier-Bresson — Brie, Francemore

  • The Complete Untitled Film Stills

    Cindy Sherman

    It’s probably time that I returned these photo books I took out from the library months ago. (There were a few others, but I didn’t spend too much time with them before I returned them.)

  • Bill Peet: an Autobiography

    Bill Peet

    One of my favorite books as a kid was Jennifer and Josephine, and though I never read any other of Peet’s many children’s books, I considered him a favorite writer. I spotted this book at the library — an illustrated autobiography! His insight into the early...more

  • The Mind’s Eye: Writings on Photography and Photographers

    Henri Cartier-Bresson

    This compilation of writings by Cartier-Bresson is pretty random and obviously written over a long period of time. But its brevity makes up for the lack of flow. His opinions of photographic technique are interesting, sometimes useful and sometimes not. He was not a fan of color photography: As opposed to black, which has the most complex...more

  • In the Next Galaxy

    Ruth Stone

    Albany Bus Station
    The same fat man with the fluorescent vest
    is playing cards for cash
    at the same table by the window;
    the same easy jean-jacketed girl
    slaps the back of the same red-faced man
    whose shirt hangs out below his sweater.

  • The Stones of Summer

    Dow Mossman

    I’m giving up on this book. I’ve been reading it since I finished A Wild Sheep Chase and going on a month, only halfway through—I just don’t see the point of forcing myself through it any longer.

    This coming-of-age epic inspired...more

  • Hôtel Splendid

    Marie Redonnet

    The unnamed narrator is the youngest of three sisters. She has lived her entire life in the Hôtel Splendid . Her grandmother built it next to a swamp. Her sisters traveled the world with their mother. When the mother died, the sisters returned.

    Groups of speculators, geographers, contractors, and eventually workers come through...more

  • Timoleon Vieta Come Home

    Dan Rhodes

    I was in the middle of the epic Stones of Summer when I went away last week — not about to bring a nearly 600 page hardcover tome with me, I instead started in on some of the books that have been calmly waiting for me to get through the Mossman book. I bought this one used several weeks ago because I liked the design (will try to get an image...more