There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyoncé

Morgan Parker

Morgan Parker is a writer I feel excited about, so I requested her second book from the library almost immediately after finishing the first. Centered around experiences of being black and female, she includes a lot of cultural references in her work — as the presence of Beyoncé in the title reveals from the start. She speaks the big truths balancing the clever and droll moments with soulful clarity. The title poem is definitely one of my favorites in this book, but this one that is a bit more introspective and a little bit brooding edged out as my most fave:

The Book of Revelation
Kiss the years, their filth: it’s my turn
To dress up forlorn in gold, fib

Through rotting teeth
I’m looking regal, constantly exploding

Do you think I could be a witch
Can shine be caught like a fever

My therapist says something
In my core is dark and the surface of my planet too

She says Many creative people
& I can’t see a beautiful day if I tried

She says peace is something
people tell themselves

A writer to watch, she has big talent.