Other People’s Comfort Keeps Me Up at Night

Morgan Parker

I am more comfortable
being mourned than loved.

The past has not been as rewarding
as I had hoped.

Waiting nearly four months to write about a book makes it nearly impossible to write anything substantive. I remember that there weren’t any complete poems that struck me, rather these few lines that I noted. Reading them now they feel a bit darker in tone than I recall the book being, and I suspect part of their impact may have been their context. Overall Morgan Parker’s writing felt young and fresh — and young is not a criticism. She has the perspective of someone not at all convinced by the power of the status quo. She’s questioning and challenging, yet weaves in humor. This was her first book, with There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyoncé following last year. And she is publishing a lot in the next year or so: her site notes she has a forthcoming poetry collection Magical Negro coming out early 2019, a young adult novel in late 2019, and then a nonfiction book in 2020.