Wildwood Imperium

Colin Meloy & Carson Ellis

A jam-packed finale to this trilogy set in a version of Portland where Forest Park is the Impassable Wilderness, a magical land most humans in the city can’t physically enter. After establishing a new set of characters and new thread of narrative in the second book, this one starts with yet another new thread. It makes the story get a little bloated, especially since each thread tends to finish a chapter on a suspenseful moment, but the next chapter shifts back to a storyline, which had you on your seat a few chapters ago. But despite having to hold on to this momentum, it all gets woven together by the end.

Having established a rich tapestry of characters, there are a lot of opportunities to reunite with those who have fallen to the background over the course of the story. But also there are some new characters to meet, including the Chapeaux Noirs, a group of French-speaking revolutionaries, shown here in the illustration by Carson Ellis.

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