Nights of Indigo Blue

Theresa Varela

I have been friends with Theresa since before her first novel Covering the Sun With My Hand, so a bit of partiality will be inevitable here. There are some similarities between the two books — both are set in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where Theresa grew up — but this one is a little different as it’s the first in a series of mystery novels centered around the character Daisy Muñoz. I don’t read many mysteries these days, but like Theresa I obsessively read Agatha Christie novels and other series when I was younger, so it was fun and a little nostalgic to return to reading that style of fiction.

A good mystery hinges largely on strong plotting, and Nights of Indigo Blue has a magnetic narrative that will pull you along. The whodunit in this book is the murder of a prominent surgeon in a neighborhood hospital where Daisy works, and she finds herself digging into the case almost by accident, driven by strange visions. Along the way suggestions of past trauma in her own life are alluded to, details that will be revealed further as the series continues.