Good Mail Day

Jennie Hinchcliff & Carolee Gilligan Wheeler

The news about the USPS a few weeks ago was dire, so I bought some new stamps (I recommend a couple panes of the Pioneers of American Industrial Design — they’re good forever!) and picked up this book for a little inspiration. I met the Pod Post girls Carolee and Jennie years ago at a Portland Zine Symposium, where they worked their table, as they do, dressed like mail art Girl Scouts, complete with merit badges.

While this is mostly a practical guide to create art-by-mail — from what should be in your kit to etiquette — there’s a bit of history as well. I actually would have liked even more history and stories, but then I have already spent many years obsessing about my handwriting.

In the end, I channeled this idea of mail for the sake of mail into creating a new game-by-mail for a friend who moved to a lonely city.