Sunset Park

Paul Auster

I was excited about this book since it is largely set in my neighborhood, plus I always enjoy reading Paul Auster. While the book is definitely entertaining, the writing feels a little rough around the edges, at times even clunky. His description of Sunset Park as a neighborhood during this time period — the 2008 economic collapse — is largely inaccurate, though the other NYC neighborhood descriptions are perfectly evocative. The story is more of a straight forward narrative than other books of his that I’ve read, though there are threads pulled through each of the separate story lines that are mysteriously not tied together in the end. But that sort of lingering suspense at the end of a story isn’t that interesting. The main character also makes a decision at the end that is really hard to get behind, so in the end there are some significant disappointments.

Apparently last year’s Invisible is a little more postmodern.