The Sweet Life in Paris

David Lebovitz

Only recently did I get with the program and start reading David Lebovitz’s blog — I’ve tried to make up for lost time by making his butterscotch pudding several times in the last few weeks. I assumed this book would basically be a printed “best of” the blog (which would further help me catch up on what I’ve been missing), but actually the essays are original to the book, though many of the topics were probably mentioned.. like, most of the list of 15 unlikeable things about Paris shows up in expanded form in the book.

Following a similar approach as his blog, there’s a lot about food (including many recipes) and insider scoops on places to go in Paris, rounded out by observations about French culture from an outsider’s perspective. Lebovitz has a charming sense of humor and pokes fun at himself almost as much as the Parisians who often confound him with their difficult customer service. There are many good tips for those who hope to visit someday, both about specific locations to visit and general suggestions for being a good tourist. I also learned that I’ve probably cut cheese rudely in the past. (At least now I know.)

I didn’t try any of the recipes in the book just yet, but the chocolate mole sounds really good right now.