Infinite Jest (½)

David Foster Wallace

It seems right after the ¼ mark, the chapters start getting more epic in length (as well as a greater number of lengthy endnotes). But also subtle threads begin appear, tying all these separate stories together a little bit more. Eventually the story starts moving into this place where it seems like everything is actually connected somehow… while at the same time providing long passages about often boring ideas that are, like Kevin theorizes, a purposeful distraction. It’s easy to miss revelations hidden away in unexpected places, or at least I assume that’s what happened with a few developments. But then DFW has a way of starting new chapters like new stories, so it’s hard to tell whether certain facts were revealed or alluded to previously or if he’s just approaching the story from a slightly different angle where those facts are already apparent.

My reading pace has rocketed over the scheduled targets, so I may finish about a month early. While I’m enjoying reading this, I am also looking forward to reading something lighter — and I mean physically lighter.