The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Michael Pollan

I read The Botany of Desire years ago and since then it seems like Pollan has been popping up everywhere, both due to this book and last year’s In Defense of Food.

Like The Botany of Desire, this book looks at four representative categories, this time different food chains: industrial, organic, local, and personal. The trail of corn in the industrial section is perhaps the most compelling part of this book, though the extensive study of Joel Salatin’s method of farming in the local section is the most inspiring. Pollan’s philosophical approach to attempting to answer the question of eating meat in the personal section (during which he goes hunting for wild boar) will likely sound properly justified to meat eaters and somewhat lacking to vegans/vegetarians. While that aspect of people’s diets may always remain entirely personal, we can only hope that the industrial and “organic” chains are improved or broken entirely by a new system.

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