The Children of Green Knowe

Lucy M. Boston

Elissa sent me this book a while back and I finally cleaned all my piles and found it again. It’s a good Sunday afternoon read about a young boy Tolly who is at boarding school while his father and stepmother are in Burma. He usually spends his holidays at the school, but this year is sent to his great-grandmother, who lives in a castle-like house called Green Knowe. It reminds me of an old YA mystery I read several times when I was younger, about a girl who somehow goes back in time inside the same house (the title and author of which I can’t remember). There are similar themes about the history of a certain place and all the people who have lived in it. This book has barely any conflict, most of it is just Tolly exploring and being really excited about not having a boring life for once.

Green Knowe is based on The Manor at Hemingford Grey, where Lucy Boston lived after separating from her husband.

I’m still trying to figure out what the other book was that I read. Maybe Stonewords?