In the Sweet Bye & Bye

Margaret Kilgallen

I first came across Kilgallen’s work in the 2002 Whitney Biennial, though I didn’t note her name at the time. It was a somewhat unexciting show, and the Village Voice referred to her piece as “a rare high point.” It wasn’t until a year or so later than her name came up again and I put them together.

This book documented a retrospective exhibition at REDCAT two years ago, but I just came across it recently. The installations unfortunately lose much of their impact on the small pages, but the sketchbook studies and most of the paintings are well-suited to the intimate format. Interspersed between the art are several essays and interviews printed in gray and red on creamy uncoated paper. I especially love her folky, hand-drawn typography.

Margaret Kilgallen, In the Sweet Bye and Bye