Never Let Me Go

Kazuo Ishiguro

I like the meandering, digression-laden style of this story, though it might have made many of the eventual revelations a bit less powerful. There were enough veiled clues that lessened any impact, but then it’s not really meant as a suspense novel. It’s kind of a science-fiction story, but also not so much since the details of those mechanical aspects are left for your imagination. But overall I like Ishiguro’s prose style and couldn’t have stopped reading even if I knew exactly how it would all end. There’s a lovely isolation and curious disconnect from the source of that isolation present in the narrator.

I think I’ve been reading too many books with dialogue denouements lately (“This is why that happened.” … “Oh, okay. Why did this happen?”), which is kind of unavoidable but tiresome at times.

If you’ve read the book, you might enjoy the Guardian’s digested read version of the story. It will, obviously, give everything away if you haven’t. I don’t feel that snarky about the book, though there are a few elements I was surprised didn’t figure into the story at all.

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