Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

Haruki Murakami

I waited for months on the hold list from the library, only to be unable to finish all these stories before going out of town. Perhaps I should have just paid the few days of late fees I would have received if I’d taken it with me on my trip and returned it afterwards. I only got through half the book, but I might have gotten through more if I hadn’t been unable to resist re-reading the stories I’d caught in magazines previously.

Even if you’ve read a lot of these already as well, it’s worth browsing this one for a few older stories from the 1980s as well as the forward by Murakami where he talks a bit about his process, alternating between novels and short stories.

The English translation of his newest novel, After Dark, is expected May of this year; it received “mixed reviews” in Japan according to some dude on amazon.