My New York Diary

Julie Doucet

I used to read a lot of comics years ago but I don’t think I’d ever read any of Julie Doucet’s, not even holed up in a comic shop, pretending it was a library. Her drawing style is pretty dense; it took awhile for me to adjust to it, and then I was surprised I never stumbled on her largely autobiographical work before now. This one opens with some back story in her early sexual and romantic experiences before delving into her time spent in New York, where she lived for about a year in the early 1990s with a jealous artist boyfriend in Washington Heights. Eventually she left New York to go to Seattle and then Berlin before finally returning to Montreal.

She remains a fixture in the Montreal arts community but has recently (june 22, 2006) declared to the Montreal Mirror that she’ll never do comics again. (as seen on wikipedia)

Her most recently works (Journal published in 2004 and J comme Je in 2006) were only published in French. Most of My New York Diary was originally published in Dirty Plotte.

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