The Godfather

Mario Puzo

Much like The Da Vinci Code this book appeared when I didn’t have anything to read. This is one of those few cases, where I have to say the movie is probably better than the book, at least Part I and Part II which were derived from it — tellingly, the terrible Part III was written separately, though by the same author. There are some side plots that are given almost too much attention here (though perhaps they were less interesting because I was trying to place everything in the movies, which I haven’t seen for many years), but mostly it’s the same exact story, reordered a little bit. The movies make a lot of sense out of a somewhat rambling plot, and I think only change a few details. But though the mass market copy I have claims this is the all-time bestselling novel in publishing history, it’s not actually that well-written of a story to me, and I think I’d rather watch the movies.