Time’s Magpie

Myla Goldberg

I haven’t spent much time exploring the world of travel essays, but after reading Wickett’s Remedy a couple of months ago, I happened to notice this book mentioned and hadn’t heard about it before. It turns out Myla Goldberg is a former Prague expat, and this book of essays was written on the occasion of returning there ten years later.

The thing I like about Myla Goldberg is she has an eye for quirks and charming details that I can relate to, so I get the feeling reading these capsules that this is the sort of Prague I’d see if I ever got myself there. The essays touch largely on the experience of Prague in its post-Communist era but also on the more idiosyncratic places you might find in a tourist book: libraries with bizarre taxidermy, theme parks populated with strange sweets, and a neighborhood basically destroyed during the 2002 floods in Europe, among others.

Myla, she’s got a way with words; I could probably read these essays over and over again just to savor her phraseology.