You Grow Girl

Gayla Trail

I’m sad I have to return this to the library today as I didn’t really get through it all, though I had felt that it will probably end up on my wishlist when I first took it out anyhow. Written by the woman who started the gardening website You Grow Girl, it’s the guide to gardening you would expect if you’ve ever looked at the site before. In the introduction, Trail describes how the site and this book came to be:

… Before I knew it my urban deck was littered with pots of this, that, and the next. It was then that I discovered I had a Godzilla-sized hobby on my hands and it was time to pick up a book or two. Boy was I in for a shock. I discovered that there were few publications in any media that appealed to my perspective as a young, frugal urban gardener with no permanent space and only a sweltering hot deck to my name. The gardening world focused on a very specific demographic — older suburban ladies — and I wasn’t a part of it. Gardening books took it for granted that I had a sprawling backyard and an eager bank account and wasn’t it all so deathly boring!

Full of handy information for beginners to more experienced gardeners, it has a smart design and beautiful photographs and illustrations and includes projects geared toward gardens of all sizes, from a backyard plot to window boxes.