Dance Dance Dance

Haruki Murakami

I kept feeling like all of Murakami’s characters are so much the same while reading this, but also kept forgetting that this is the continuation of A Wild Sheep Chase and Hear the Wind Sing before that, so in this case the main character is exactly the same as previous ones. The books stand on their own so easily, it’s not just half-assed part of a series.

It’s also much of the same sci-fi/hard-boiled/satirical weird kind of world Murakami creates so easily. Characters come together in bizarre, even entirely unlikely sorts of ways, the storyline varies from the hopelessly banal activities of the main character —

By eleven o’clock that night I was out of things to do. I’d pretty well done everything. I’d trimmed my nails, taken a bath, cleaned my ears, even watched the news on TV. Did push-ups, sit-ups, stretched, ate dinner, finished my book.

— to incredible fantastic moments where different realities collide, and there’s a woman who leaves or disappears from the main character’s life. Far from getting boring, I just want to read more.