Persepolis 2

Marjane Satrapi

The highly anticipated follower to Persepolis!; I am very lucky that Steve had requested it from the library early and then let me read it first when he got it. This book starts with Marjane arriving in Vienna, the first one having ended with her leaving Iran, and her transition into a life in a Western country, away from her family is rough. Eventually she decides to return to Iran, which turns out to be equally, if not more, difficult after her time away.

This book is less about Iran’s history, one thing I especially appreciated about the first book, but for the obvious reason that she is disconnected from her family and her country for half of the book. These experiences are just as telling and intense.

It ends kind of open-ended, so I have this hope that there might be more books. But it might be all wishful thinking.

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