Kate Moses

i’ve never been a huge Sylvia Plath fan, but i heard a few things about this novel and the inspiration behind it sounded interesting. Kate Moses takes the original order of the Ariel poems as her foundation to tell this fictionalized tale of Plath’s move back to London after her marriage with Ted Hughes fell apart.

the description and insight is really impressive, though i felt by the end of the book that i was dragging as i read and a chapter or two got more of a skim-through — but that might have been because i got worried that everything was going to be really depressing by the end that i skipped ahead and read the afterword before i was done. the book ends almost two months before Sylvia Plath’s death, and there are only vague foreshadowings to the change in her mental outlook before the postscript neatly ties up what happened afterwards.

now i am curious about Her Husband by Diane Middlebrook, as this book barely takes on Hughes’s perspective.