Optic Nerve 9

Adrian Tomine

it’s been two years since the last Optic Nerve; it’s crazy to have just breezed through a new issue. there are some notable shifts with this one, most immediately gratifying is the promise of more new material much sooner than last time. this story is the first of three parts, and Tomine will also be publishing a collection of “odds and ends” called Scrapbook (may 2004 release). he is definitely one of my favorite comic book artists and the recent lack of publishing has been sorely disappointing.

this story focuses on a core group of pointedly asian american characters — the first time Tomine has really delved into race within his work. this and perhaps the longer narrative show that he is seeking to develop his work more. it’s hard to comment on a story that isn’t yet finished, but i am looking forward to the next part.