Susan Minot

i think i got books mixed up. i remember looking at a book in a store recently and thinking it sounded good. i also saw this book and remembered how i read Minot’s book of poems several months ago. somehow this became the book i wanted to read, but i can’t recall the other book at all. i glanced at the jacket again before starting it and thought is this really the book i wanted to read? after reading a few pages, i was pretty sure that it wasn’t.

basically this is like reading a slice of Cosmo fictionalized: two ex-lovers meet up again and a whole internal tennis match between their heads takes place while they are having sex. while it’s pretty well-written in basic terms of how words are strung together, and their history unfolds steadily between their sudden recollections in an almost enjoyable way, it’s just a bizarre story. by the end i couldn’t figure out which character to feel more sorry for; not even the few descriptive parts drew me into the story.

the best thing about this book is it’s so short, i read it in a day.

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