And Her Soul Out of Nothing

Olena Kalytiak Davis

undoubtedly my favorite book of poetry, though having read so little it probably means a little less than it could. though reading this, i hardly expect to find a complete work that will resonate with me as much as this. it’s calm and striking; her way of phrasing things perfectly and the sudden moments of stark understanding and images of sky and melancholy make this something to return to again and again.

A Seasonal Dwelling

The thinking soul is conducting an experiment. The method
of investigation: as soon as you have felt something,

throw it away.

She has discarded several
large cities. There are porches
she refuses to return to.

Rivers and dresses
already seen-through.

Rows of almond trees.

She has never seen the Southern Plains.
Has never dived for memories into a swimming hole
or an ocean. Tomorrow night she hopes
to be lifted once again by painfully clear sky.

To be disappointed once again by aurora borealis.